Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Sosnoff, Cramer, O'Neil: Who Are They?

Sosnoff, Cramer, O'Neil: Who Are They?

In a post last week we looked at the 3 different trading styles and what makes each of them tick. During the month of June I'm conducting a study to help my readers understand their trading style!  Just a reminder, the survey results will go out at the end of the month and everyone that participates will receive a free copy of my watch list!  If you would like to take part in the survey, you can sign up below:

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In today's post we'll look at some examples of famous traders that match up with each persona!

Let's start with our Sprinter Tom Sosnoff

Tom is a successful day trader and part of the braintrust behind Thinkorswim.  Tom is also well known for his signature cap and his podcast which you can follow here. I don't trade the same way as Tom but I find his perspective as an options based day trader interesting nonetheless.

One unique aspect to me is that he includes a lot of different opinions in his show. His daughter is highly involved in the conversation and brings the perspective of a younger generation into the mix. He also likes to highlight the opinions of other team members, Tony Battista and Vonetta Logan who are successful traders in their own right.

Let's look at our Marathoner Jim Cramer

Jim is easily one of the most recognizable personalities in finance thanks to success as a hedge fund manager and his show Mad Money on CNBC.  Jim is a pretty interesting guy to top it off; he's a Harvard graduate, a best selling author, and has a passion for markets like you wouldn't believe!

Peeling back a few layers, Jim counts on Stephanie Link to manage his charity trust so that he can focus more of his time on analysis.  One thing that impresses me about him is that he's able to manage a massive watch list.  His live telecast includes Q&A from callers and no matter what company a caller asks about, he's able to rattle off all the pertinent facts and figures about that stock!

As a long term investor, Jim is a huge proponent of the buy low, sell high approach.  He also keeps a close eye on PE ratios and all of the other fundamentals with his targets.  It's important to note that his show airs at 6 which means he's still working even after markets close.  You'll never catch him off guard, he collects a massive amount of data and is able to apply it to his long term approach.  

Jim also provides a service to give full transparency behind all his trades - win, lose, or draw.  The only weakness, if there is one, is that Jim's knowledge is so vast and his system so complex that there's really no way you can learn it unless you were to follow him around every day.  Outside of the basics, there's no way for him to teach what he does.

Last But Not Least, our Relay Racer Scott O'Neil

Unlike Jim Cramer, Scott O'Neil has developed a data driven, rules based system that CAN be taught. I had the opportunity to witness his teaching style in person with my wife in Chicago and I was pretty impressed with him.

Scott's background is pretty unique.  As the son of growth stock legend William O'Neil, Scott and his siblings were exposed to successful trading from an early age.  I've tried to mimic some similar experiences in my own family with both of my children learning from the successes and failures I've experienced through over 2 decades of investing.  In fact, the youngest members of my IBD Meetup are my grand daughter, and my co-organizer's grand son!

Scott is also a strong believer in the importance of institutional behavior with growth stocks so he helped to develop the Marketsmith platform which is designed to uncover the details of their activity in the market.  With his highly analytical approach, Scott is committed to helping people succeed with emotion free trading.

The Results Are Almost In

I've had a chance to look through the responses so far and I'm already seeing some interesting trends!  Next week we'll dig through the findings of the survey so make sure to sign up and take part before it's too late.

Happy Trading!


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