Sunday, September 24, 2017

My  Profits  Are  2.56  Times  My  Average  Losses

Making money in the market is all about controlling your losses.  Before you take any stock position, make sure you have a well written   'Trade Plan'.   Every trade plan must have:
  • Loss target
  • Profit target
  • Time target (how long to be in the market) 
Out of the 27 stock positions I had highlighted last week, total of 10 positions were closed.  The profit and loss for each of those positions were:
  1. $RACE   -4% (met my loss target)
  2. $UNH     -0.75% (stopped out with trailing stop)
  3. $CCL      -4% (met my loss target)
  4. $GRUB   -4.85% (met my loss target)
  5. $ATHM   +0.00% (trailing stop triggered)
  6. $RHT     +0.95% (met my time ... earnings target)
  7. $ADBE   +3.11% (met my time ... earnings target)
  8. $CNC     +4.89% (tailing stop triggered)
  9. $KEM     +16.22% (trailing stop triggered. Reaching climax top)
  10. $CTRL    +27% (trailing stop triggered beyond profit target)
Average loss for  4 positions was   -3.40% (3 weeks)
Average profit for 6 positions was  +8.70% (3 weeks)

You are bound to incur losses when you trade stocks.  The way to outperform the market and to be profitable is to control your losses first and foremost.  I just demonstrated with real live examples, how you can profit   2.56   times more than your average losses even when  4 out of 10 stock trades go against you.  This is how you increase the size of your portfolio.

Market  Conditions

Currently the market is still in a   "Confirmed Uptrend"    according to IBD (Investors Business Daily).   We only have a total of 3 distribution days between the  $SPY  and  $NASDAQ.   Market however is consolidating for the past week.  For the last 3 weeks of September 2017, the 3 major indexes performance as compared to my remaining 17 stock positions, is as indicated below:
  • $QQQ        -1.15%
  • $SPY          +0.65%
  • $DJI            +1.65% 
  • 17 Stocks   +5.13% (out performed the leading index  $DJI by  311%)
Market usually plummets the last week of September.  This would be a good time to adjust your trailing stops to mitigate losses and capture more profits if the market continues to move higher.

I have added 4 more positions to deploy some of the profits that were harvested from the above mentioned 6 stocks.  I have indicated the date in parenthesis and the price of entry after the stock symbol.
  1. $YY        $74.50   (9/5)
  2. $OLED   $129.00 (9/6)  
  3. $PAYC    $75.00  (9/18)
  4. $BABA    $178.40 (9/20)

Mentoring  Program

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Happy Trading!



Sunday, September 17, 2017

Hurricane  IRMA

Last Sunday Sept 10th, I was home alone with my 4 cats while the hurricane IRMA was barreling down towards the Tampa Bay - my home area - with over 130 mph winds.  My internet was down and I didn't get to post my regular weekly blog post that I publish before Sunday midnight.  I was scared and very concerned for my family and friends and loved ones in the area.  I have experienced many hurricanes living in Florida for the past 47 years but this one was definately a very scary one and in hind sight I should have left Florida with my 4 cats.  6 million Floridians - 1 out of 3 Florida residents - evacuated and left the state.   This has never happened before and I am proud of the emergency officials for letting the residents know to evacuate from all the low lying areas.  Flooding was the main concern.   A category 5 hurricane would have brought in a 15 to 20 foot tidal surge and would have submerged most of my county of 1.2 million people under water.

I am most thankful for the prayers that were offered to me personally from my connections in social media.  I received so many messages from all regions of the world that I felt truly blessed.  I know their prayers had a large role to play in the wrath that IRMA was bestowing on Florida residents.  The storm made landfall and it dropped down to category 2 storm by the time it got in my area on Sunday evening at 8 pm.  Wind speed dropped down to 65 miles per hour from 135 miles per hour.  We were all sparred.  I offer my very special thanks to all the prayers from all my followers and readers.  I am grateful that all my family, friends and loved ones - including my 4 cats - are all safe and sound.  

Performance  of  My  27  Stocks 

My internet had been down since the day hurricane IRMA landed in Florida on Sunday Sept 10th.  It was finally restored just 3 hours ago - in time for me to publish my blog post tonight.  I was completely cut off from the markets last week because there was no way for me to access the markets.  One very important lesson that I learnt was that having trailing stops to lock in profits and/or to mitigate losses in your positions is critical part of trading the stock market.  I always do that and this hurricane confirmed my thesis as to why this should be a standard operating procedure for any disciplined trader and investor. 

The performance of 3 major indexes since my last post 2 weeks ago as compared to my 27 stocks is as follows:
  • $SPY ...      +0.55%
  • $QQQ ...     +0.06%
  • $DJI  ...       +1.28%
  • 27 stocks ... +2.98% (out performed the leading index $DJI by  233%)
September traditionally is the worst month of the year but I managed to outperform the market by leaps and bounds.  This is not an accident or an anomaly.  It takes one to be totally engaged with the market on a daily basis and to be disciplined to follow the rules of trading.  4 of the stocks were stopped out with  -4%  losses and 1 stock was stopped out with    +16.22%  gain just 3 weeks in the trade.

Losses  and  Profits  of  27  Stocks ($ Amount)

  1. $KEM      +3.0
  2. $CTRL    +4.92
  3. $VMW     +14.50
  4. $FOXF    +3.0
  5. $ALGN    +11.00
  6. $RACE     -4.48
  7. $MNST    +1.18
  8. $CRM      +1.63
  9. $MRCY    +0.03
  10. $ATHM    +3.83
  11. $CNC      +10.18
  12. $CDNS    +0.77
  13. $ADBE     +3.49
  14. $RTN       +1.5
  15. $LMT       -2.70
  16. $RHT       +2.30
  17. $UNH      +3.22
  18. $CI          +6.55
  19. $CCL       -2.73
  20. $IPGP     +9.84
  21. $PYPL     +1.20
  22. $ASML     +5.91
  23. $ANET     +0.96
  24. $GRUB     -2.94
  25. $CELG     +4.04
  26. $V            +1.65
  27. $MA         +8.28

Mentoring  Program

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2. Has your mutual fund done as well as my 27 stocks?
3. Do you know of any hedge fund that has outperformed the market consistently?

You all know the answer to that.

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Happy Trading!


Monday, September 4, 2017

Market  Performance  For  August

Traditionally, the month of August delivers   +0.10%    on an average for  $SPY  when looking over the data over the last 50 years.   For August of 2017, the 3 major indexes had an above average performance as indicated below:
  • $SPY   ... +0.29%
  • $QQQ  ... +2.07%
  • $DJI    ...  +0.26% 
I am a Growth Stock investor and if you had followed my lead, you would have gotten the results very similar to the performance of the leading   $QQQ   index.   While the general market performance was   +0.29%   as measured by the   $SPY,    the leading index   $QQQ,   outperformed the general market by  7 times.   This is why I have been asking my readers and followers to stay engaged with the market.   There were plenty of opportunities to profit in the market in  August,  if you only allowed the data to drive your decision.   Data was suggesting that the   $XLK (Technology Sector)  was the leading sector.   Had you been engaged with the market, you would have duplicated the performance of   $QQQ.    

Performance  of  My  28  Stocks 

I trade and invest in Growth Stocks because they tend to outperform the market.   It is not a  "Buy and Hold"  strategy or "Buy Low and Sell High"   Strategy.   These are flawed strategies.   My stocks had a performance that was  +70%   better than the performance of the  general market as measured by   $SPY.   This is during the month when we had  2  brutal   distribution days   (August 10th and August 17th)  when both the   $SPY  and  $QQQ    dropped below the  50 day sma(simple moving average)   trend line.   I have highlighted the performance of all the 3 major indexes as compared to the overall performance of my  28  stocks:  
  • $SPY   ...     +1.52%
  • $QQQ  ...     +2.75%
  • $DJI   ...       +0.59%
  • 28 Stocks ... +2.54% (out performed $SPY by  +70%)

Learn  To  Trade  From  Me

Following are the trades that you might want to follow on your virtual platform.   I have indicated in parenthesis the date that the trade was executed.  I also have noted the price of entry next to the the stock symbol:
  1. $KEM    $18.50   (8/11)
  2. $CTRL   $23.00  (8/14)
  3. $VMW   $95.75  (8/18)
  4. $FOXF   $38.50  (8/25)
  5. $ALGN  $173.50 (8/28)
  6. $RACE  $112.00 (8/28)
  7. $MNST  $55.00  (8/28)
  8. $CRM    $93.00  (8/28)
  9. $MRCY   $47.00 (8/28)
  10. $ATHM  $62.00  (8/29)
  11. $CNC    $85.80  (8/29)
  12. $CDNS  $37.50  (8/29)
  13. $ADBE  $151.00 (8/29)
  14. $RTN   $181.00  (8/29)
  15. $LMT   $305.00  (8/29)
  16. $RHT   $105.00  (8/29)
  17. $UNH  $194.96  (8/30)
  18. $CI      $179.50  (8/30)
  19. $CCL   $68.20   (8/30)
  20. $IPGP $170.39  (8/31)
  21. $PYPL $61.30   (8/31)
  22. $ASML $156.50 (9/1)
  23. $ANET $176.00 (9/1)
  24. $GRUB  $56.50  (9/1)
  25. $CELG $138.00  (9/1)
  26. $V       $103.65   (9/1)
  27. $MA    $133.30   (9/1)

Mentoring  Program

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Happy Trading!




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